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EuroEyes Hong Kong presents its exclusive Cross-Border Eye Surgery Package tailored for discerning patients in Hong Kong
Book operations: Dr Jørgensen, Prof Dan Reinstein in Shenzhen
Due to Hong Kong's strict regulatory laws, our distinguished British and German Euroeyes Eye Surgeons - namely Dr. Jörgensen, Professor Dan Reinstein, Professor Michael Knorz - are not allowed to perform surgeries in Hong Kong.
In response, we have developed a special service for Hong Kong residents seeking the expertise of these renowned professionals at our Euroeyes Eye Clinic in Shenzhen.
Operations by Dr Joergensen and Prof Reinstein
Package Components:
  • 1
    Residential Pick-Up Service

    Commence your journey with convenience as our service extends from your residence in Hong Kong to our EuroEyes Eye Clinic in Shenzhen.

  • 2
    CPremium Transportation Arrangements
    Enjoy a sophisticated and comfortable transit experience with our meticulously arranged high-end transportation services
  • 3
    Both eyes Surgeries on the Same Day

    Experience the precision and efficiency of our esteemed surgeons with both eyes procedures conducted on the same day for optimal patient comfort. No patches needed.

  • 4
    Same-Day Return to Hong Kong

    Minimize disruption to your routine with a swift return to Hong Kong on the day of your surgery.

  • 5
    Preoperative examinations and all Postoperative Eye Assessment at Euroeyes Eye clinic in Russel Street Hong Kong:

    Embrace personalized care through a postoperative eye examination at our Hong Kong clinic, ensuring the meticulous monitoring of your recovery.

We convince You on a journey toward world class surgeons with our EuroEyes' Cross-Border Ophthalmic Surgery Package, a harmonious fusion of cutting-edge medical technology and the seasoned expertise of our distinguished world famous Surgeons.