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Presbyond 激光手術
助您解決 45+ 老花問題
The solution:
Presbyond laser
What is Presbyopia
Only young people are spared from presbyopia - the German poet Johann Wolfgang Goethe is said to have said: "The only way to escape presbyopia is to die young".

Everybody +40 is afflicted sooner or later by presbyopia. Presbyopia is not a disease that is triggered by special circumstances but a natural process that comes about as we grow old.
But what exactly happens to the ageing Eye?

Because of their elasticity, the lenses in our eyes can change the refractive power of light by contracting or expanding. This process is called accommodation and is necessary to see things sharply at different distances. This is the only reason why we can, for example, focus from the speedometer in our car to the next street sign - and see both sharply. Accommodation is not even perceptible to us, because our eyes change focus in a fraction of a second.

Due to age, the lenses of the eye lose elasticity, which means that focusing becomes more difficult as the years go by. This is why many people from about 45 years of age onwards find it increasingly difficult to see objects that are close - they become blurred. Numbers and letters become blurred and reading becomes increasingly difficult.

Involuntarily, you start holding the newspaper or book further away. This works quite well at first, but the arms are not infinitely long. At some point, even they can't help any more.

Presbyopia Treatment

At Euroeyes HongKong, we offer laser surgery as well as multifocal and trifocal lens surgery to correct presbyopia.

Presbyond® Laser Blended Vision

The Presbyond® Laser Blended Vision method is a modern and safe laser eye treatment for presbyopia. It involves separately optimising each eye for near and far-sighted vision.

While this may seem strange at first, the brain soon adapts and blends the two images so you can see both near and far without effort, as well as providing depth of focus and visual acuity without needing glasses or contact lenses.

Multifocal and trifocal lens surgery involves implanting artificial lenses in the eye, which are able to correctly change the refractive power of light in order to see things close up and at a distance. Because the lens is artificial, it doesn’t lose its properties over time like a natural lens, and so your vision remains constant and will no longer change as you age.

At Euroeyes Hong Kong, we only use premium lenses that meet the highest quality standards. This means that the glare is kept to minimal levels and you’ll be able to see better in reduced light conditions, such as at night.

The procedure is relatively straight forward and takes around 15 minutes per eye to complete.

Our team are experts at performing lens surgery, as well as Presbyond® Laser Blended Vision surgery. As a member of the EuroEyes International Eye Group (EE), we are part of the leading eye clinic groups for lens and laser vision correction worldwide, and we have performed the most trifocal lens implantations worldwide.

Get in touch with our clinic for a free consultation and discuss your eye problems with us. We can talk you through your options and explain how they would help your vision.