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Laser Blended Vision, eye laser option at 40 years old
Presbyopia –
Laser Blended Vision, eye laser option at 40 years old
Presbyopia –
What is Presbyopia
Only young people are spared from presbyopia - the German poet Johann Wolfgang Goethe is said to have said: "The only way to escape presbyopia is to die young".

Everybody +40 is afflicted sooner or later by presbyopia. Presbyopia is not a disease that is triggered by special circumstances but a natural process that comes about as we grow old.
But what exactly happens to the ageing Eye?

Because of their elasticity, the lenses in our eyes can change the refractive power of light by contracting or expanding. This process is called accommodation and is necessary to see things sharply at different distances. This is the only reason why we can, for example, focus from the speedometer in our car to the next street sign - and see both sharply. Accommodation is not even perceptible to us, because our eyes change focus in a fraction of a second.

Due to age, the lenses of the eye lose elasticity, which means that focusing becomes more difficult as the years go by. This is why many people from about 45 years of age onwards find it increasingly difficult to see objects that are close - they become blurred. Numbers and letters become blurred and reading becomes increasingly difficult.

Involuntarily, you start holding the newspaper or book further away. This works quite well at first, but the arms are not infinitely long. At some point, even they can't help any more.

Multifocal-/ Trifocal Lenses
LEC-London Group has during the years implanted more then 100 000 trifocal lenses to correct Presbyopia. This involves replacing your own old lens with an multifocal lens also called refractive lens extraction RLE.
Trifocal lenses are lenses deliver clear vision for distance, intermedia and for near vision. In this way, they enable sharp vision at several distances. In addition to good distance vision, presbyopia is corrected to reading or computer distance - an existing astigmatism can also be corrected. This video explains the whole procedure clearly.
From the age of 45, it is advisable to have your eyes examined regularly - this ensures that presbyopia and other age-related eye diseases are detected at an early stage.