The EuroEyes Group is an international eye clinic group specialized in the treatment of Myopia, Presbyopia and Cataracts. At EuroEyes we provide solutions for those who wish to see clearly and have freedom from glasses, contact lenses or reading glasses.
EuroEyes International Eye Group (EE) with flagship clinics in Berlin, Beijing, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Munich, Shanghai and Shenzhen is one of the leading eye clinic groups for lens and laser vision correction worldwide.
In 2021, the clinic group was once again presented with the “hat trick goal” award including:

  1. the most implanted Trifocal lenses (Zeiss) worldwide in the treatment of presbyopia
  2. the most ICL implantations in Europe in the treatment of Myopia,
  3. the most ReLEx smile laser eye operations in Europe.
EuroEyes is managed by some of the most experienced doctors and surgeons in this field. We wish to bring all these bundled experiences into our new clinic Hong Kong.
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