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The gentlest Form of Laser Eye Surgery

EuroEyes continuously strives to reach the highest standards of refractive surgery by combining innovation, surgical excellence and First Class Service. EuroEyes meets these requirements by pioneering the use of new and better technologies, such as the femtosecond laser, the excimer laser, LenSx, ReLEx smile, Wavefront-guided technology (iDesign) and more. Here you can learn how the equipment works and which treatments they are used for.

SMILE® Pro - Laser Vision Correction
SMILE Pro is suitable for patients who are short-sighted and/or have astigmatism

The technology
EuroEyes was one of the first clinics to bring in the next-generation Carl Zeiss Visumax-800 laser. This new laser machine represents a significant step forward from the previous model and is the only way to provide cutting-edge SMILE Pro treatment.
While the procedure has always been relatively quick and non-invasive, the new technology will make it even faster, more accurate and less stressful for our patients.
The Visumax-800 uses digital mapping technology to orient the laser to the eye for precision targeting during treatment ensuring it is correctly oriented for optimal treatment.

SMILE (Small Incision Lenticule Extraction) is a minimally invasive procedure where a laser creates a lenticule (or disc shape) inside the cornea, which is removed through a tiny incision. This reshapes the cornea to optimise focus and sharpen vision.

The surgery
The cornea is made up of five layers, but SMILE Pro surgery focuses on the central layer, known as the stroma. During surgery, a computer-guided laser creates a precise lens-shaped disc (known as a lenticule) in the stroma. The shape of the lenticule is customised to correct the specific shape of your cornea. The laser then makes a tiny keyhole incision, and the lenticule is removed. When the process is complete, the cornea is shaped to optimise focus and sharpen vision long term.

The laser portion of the procedure is quick – it’s all over in under 10 seconds. The technology is also designed to ensure it’s an extremely comfortable procedure. Although everyone is different, recovery is quick – most people will be feeling great the very next day.

Proven technology
SMILE Pro uses femtosecond laser technology, which has been proven in the field of laser eye surgery a million times over. So while SMILE Pro is a new technique, the technology is proven, safe, and effective.

Recommended by the world’s top surgeons
Surgeons around the world have embraced SMILE Pro as an effective laser eye surgery procedure. Not only does it produce excellent visual results, the keyhole technique means there is minimal interference with corneal nerves, so recovery is rapid. Longer term, this may also help to avoid dry eye problems and preserve the strength of the cornea.

Lens surgery (Trifocal lens implantations and cataract surgery) is one of the most important operations performed at Euroeyes clinic in Hong Kong. The most important equipment allowing us to perform small incisions cataract surgery through a 2 mm “key hole” incision, is the use of the Zeiss Phacoemulsification technologies. Phacoemulsification, or phaco, is method of cataract surgery in which the eye's internal lens is emulsified and removed through a 2 mm key hole incision, using ultrasonic energy and replaced with an new intraocular lens implant, or IOL.
Small incision surgery, means less operation trauma and faster visual rehabilitations.

QUATERA 700 from ZEISS sets new standards in cataract surgery. The QUATTRO Pump is a synchronized fluid exchange system that directly measures and simultaneously controls both infusion and aspiration volumes in real-time. It actively compensates for incision leakage volume.
With the QUATTRO Pump from ZEISS, chamber stability is maintained regardless of intraocular pressure and flow.