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Welcome to The Euroeyes Hong Kong
At Euroeyes, we help patients with a number of visual impairments, including presbyopia, myopia, and cataracts. Our team has performed the most SMILE Pro laser eye surgeries across Europe and are experts in the field of refractive surgery.
We offer a full range of treatments at our Hong Kong clinic, located in Russell Street 2.
In a remarkable feat, our clinical group were honoured in 2022 with the prestigious "hat trick goal" award, securing the titles for:
  1. The most implanted Trifocal lenses(Zeiss) worldwide in the treatment of presbyopia
  2. The most ICL implantations in Germany for the treatment of myopia
  3. The most ReLEx SMILE®laser eye operations in Europe
The Hong Kong Euroeyes is led by a team of the most renowned surgeons in the world, Jørn Jørgensen, Prof. Christopher Liu, Dr. FONG Yeuk Ying, Yoly and Prof. Dr. Michael C. Knorz who each perform 1,000+ surgeries per year and are recognised among the most experienced eye surgeons.
Why Choose Us?
Expert Eye Surgeons
We have more than 30 years of experience in performing refractive and lens surgery in clinics around the world.
Unbeatable Aftercare
Our team of experts can guide you through every part of your surgery journey, from the preliminary consultation through to the aftercare appointments and advice.
World Renowned
LEC London is a part of the acclaimed EuroEyes International Eye Group, with clinics in major global cities.


We fix bad eyesight with world class treatments that are safe and effective

Whether reading your smartphone or a newspaper, if you have to read the text at an ever-increasing distance, then here is the vision impairment in the close range. Presbyopia onsets at around 45 years of age, when reading and viewing close objects becomes increasingly more difficult. Reading glasses are then needed to see clearly. People who already wear glasses for distance vision, then need a second pair; or progressive lenses.
Trifocal-/ Multifocal Lens Surgery
We implant the latest generation of trifocal/multifocal lenses to give you clear near, middle and distance vision. This is a first-class method of correcting your presbyopia and enables you to live life long without glasses.
You can feel safe with us: Euroeyes Hong Kong as member of EuroEyes has performed the most trifocal lens implantations worldwide.
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Monday: 8AM-6PM
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Friday: 8AM-6PM
Saturday: 10AM-2:30PM
Sunday: Closed

Euroeyes Hong Kong is part of the EuroEyes clinic group. We have existed for over 29 years and are world leaders in the correction of ametropia (myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and presbyopia).
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Prof. Christopher Liu
Dr. Jørn Slot Jørgensen
Dr. FONG Yeuk Ying, Yoly
FRCOphth FRCSEd FRCP(London) FCOphth(HK) FHKAM(Ophthalmology)

Medical Consultant and Surgeon
Specialist in Ophthalmology
FHKAM (Ophthalmology)
FCOphth HK

Prof. Dr. Michael C. Knorz
Senior Vice President
Medical Affairs (International)
Medical director of the FreeVis LASIK Center Mannheim (part of the EuroEyes Group)

* Cross border operations
Chief medical director
CEO Euroeyes Group

* Cross border operations

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