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The Zeiss Visumax® 800 in use at LEC - London

At our LEC Clinic in Knightsbridge, we will offer the latest state of the art laser technologies to our patients. For this we will install the ZEISS VISUMAX® 800 in our flagship clinics in London.

This Femtosecond Lasersystem not only makes the laser procedure easier and safer than before (thanks to robotic assistance), it also reduces the laser time to just a few seconds! For our patients, this also means much less surgical stress, as everything is over very quickly.

Proven top technology thus becomes even safer and more effective - and the gentlest eye laser method (ReLEX smile) is optimized even further. SMILE has completely redefined conventional laser eye correction - ZEISS and LEC have thus once again pioneered refractive laser surgery.

The VISUMAX® 800 from ZEISS provides an even more comfortable patient experience. VISUMAX® 800 is part of the latest generation of femtosecond lasers from ZEISS. It shortens laser time compared to its predecessors and makes tissue separation with SMILE® easier than ever before.

Increased laser frequency and faster cutting speeds

With the faster laser pulse frequency of 2 MHz, we create lenticles in less than 10 seconds and flaps in about 5 seconds. The shorter aspiration time during laser treatment relieves patients and provides more safety.